Dune Club - Community Plugins for Dune HD Media Players

About Community Plugins

This page lists some popular community plugins for your conveniency.

Community plugins for Dune HD media players are created by community of users, using Dune HD Plugins API and SDK. Such plugins extend the media player functionality with additional features. They can implement standalone applications (available in "Dune HD applications" menu), can implement TV applications which can integrate into "TV" section of the main menu, can integrate into "Movies" catalog, and can provide other features.

These plugins are provided on "as is" basis, you use these plugins at your discretion and at your own risk. Plugins authors do not have any responsibility regarding functionality or content available via these plugins. Plugins may change their functionality or stop working (in case of changes on the used 3-party resources) partially or completely at any time. If you do not like these plugins, just do not use them.

Plugins may use "premium" firmware features which may require paid subscription (such as "Dune Extra"). When you pay for such a premium firmware feature, you pay just for extended capabilities of the firmware of your Dune HD media player, and this gives in particular the ability to use such plugins. This does not mean that you pay for the plugin itself or for the functions or content provided by the plugin. Functions and content provided by community plugins are always provided on "as is" basis without any guarantees.

How To Install And Uninstall

To install a community plugin:

Depending on media player model, software version, settings and region, the media player may have a function of searching for community plugins in Internet with the ability to install found plugins. Otherwise, you can download and install community plugins manually:

  1. Download "dune_plugin_...zip" file and store it onto a USB drive.
  2. Connect the USB drive to Dune HD media player.
  3. In the main menu of the media player, go to "Sources" menu, choose the USB drive, choose the "dune_plugin...zip" file, and press "ENTER" button on the remote control.

To uninstall a community plugin:

Community Plugin "Global TV"

Provides access to about 20000 IPTV channels from different countries and in different languages.

dune_plugin_globaltv.zip (latest version: 231012_1417; changes: various fixes)


Community Plugin "Online Movies and TV Series"

Extends the functionality of "Movies" catalog. Allows to find and play video streams available in Internet for the given Movie or TV Series.

dune_plugin_dunemdb_supplier_online_movies.zip (latest version: 231225_0928; changes: various fixes)


Specific regional plugins

Plugins targeted for specific regions or with UI in specific langauges.

dune_plugin_Screenshoter.zip (latest version: 1.0.6; changes: now supports both new S928X models and old models)

Weather widget extension:
dune_plugin_widget_ext.zip (latest version: 1.5.5; changes: added support for new S928X models)